Cake Wrecks

Since I started working last year, I set a goal of buying myself the much-coveted Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  12 months later I still don’t have one! Anyway, the reason for such goal is so that I can start making my own frostings from scratch and stop relying on Betty Crocker frostings.  I live in a country where the product literally melts at room temperature! Lately, it’s been cooler so the frosting holds up longer than the usual.  Oh well, here is my very own cake wreck roll…  

Train Cake for my nephew (face decorated and tracks piped by my husband)



This one's a real flop :(




4 thoughts on “Cake Wrecks

    1. Thank you! That is soooo sweet to hear from someone outside my family. lol. If in any case you have your eyes on cake decorating, I highly recommend SeriousCakes and Betty Crocker videos at YouTube. :)


  1. Wow, what great cakes. I ventured from the basic round birthday cake this year and made a Treasure Chest cake for my sons 6th birthday – it was pretty good – for me.
    My youngest wants a Lightning Mcqueen cake in May for his 5th birthday – I think this one will be a round one with a lightning mcqueen car on the top, lol.


    1. Thanks, Hayley! it’s great to know you’ve started decorating cakes, too! i was looking for the Treasure Chest photo in your blog so I can have a model just in case I get a treasure chest request ;) but i couldn’t find it. I hope you’d post it soon! By the way, great pirate photos and your kids are ADORABLE!!! :)


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