Has Your 1st Grader Asked You These Questions?

Here are the Top 5 Questions my son has asked me (and my husband). Don’t forget to share yours!

1. What are the kinds of comb jellies?

My son learns fast when he categorizes things.  Comb jellies entered his world from a National Geographic DVD collection his Daddy got when he was 3 1/2 years old and the bioluminescent creatures just sucked him in that he would ask and ask and ask about them every single day – for weeks!  A bioluminescence expert we emailed recommended this book that kids could appreciate.  Check it out at .  It’s one of my son’s most treasured books!

A ctenophore a.k.a. comb jelly (the great white shark of the deep)

2.  Why can’t we hear God’s voice anymore? This came up when he was about 2 1/2 years old after we got reading the First Bible his Daddy got him from a trip to AZ.  I would make a deep voice when reading God’s lines and I guess that made him realize it’s not the same then as it is now.  I was really dumbfounded to hear him ask that question but I just remained calm and pondered on it before answering. I think I said something to the effect that God still lets his voice be heard by those who choose to have a close relationship with him and I give him instances when I heard God speak to me to comfort me.

3.  Why does he/she/they do that? I’ve heard my son ask me this question when he sees a kid pick his nose with great pleasure in public, when one of his cousins peed on the front yard, when he saw his grandfather smoke, when the grass in our subdivision is burnt instead of cut (lazy farmers!),  when he sees passengers throw their candy wrappers out the window, when his classmates would walk around or talk even while the class is going on (makes me wonder why the teachers allow this), the list could go on and on and on…

4.  What’s wrong with your heart? when he was 3 years old I almost had a heart failure and it got him confused why I couldn’t lift, spin, or run with him around anymore. it made him very curious about how the body works (of course, together with the fact he saw me change from supermom to not-so-supermom), specially the heart. being the mom, I have the  read the texts with him and explain the diagrams so he can get it in simple words. I never bothered about auricles and ventricles until he asked me to explain it to him.  More on that in another blog… Anyway, here’s a video that has taught my son (and me lol!) about the human body. Enjoy!

5.  What is bigger than the universe? now this is a really “huge” question. lol. of course, all my husband and I could do was rely on recent scientific studies we’ve heard of e.g. the possibility of a multiverse, and also incorporate the fact that only God could possibly know the answer to that question.

6.  How does a (fill in the blank) work? this question you could definitely relate to. I notice I use a lot of hand gestures when the questions get a little too technical/mechanical for me (how do you explain how an internal combustion engine works without using hand gestures?).

7. Why don’t humans stop cutting down trees? My son knows why we need trees. What he doesn’t get is why, despite the state of our environment, do humans still shave our forests?  I really feel for my son, he sees the grown ups in his household helpless about this issue.  He has even made a poster that he asked me to publish in a newspaper. Good God, it’s been years and I still haven’t done it!  I will post that poster here and on facebook.  The film below is something parents could show their kids to increase environmental awareness. Watch it on youtube to see the other parts. :)

8.  Why was King Solomon allowed to have many wives? The plain answer would be “because he was a king” and “because it was allowed” but really the issue underneath is the morality of it since we teach him about love and faithfulness.  It’s a good thing Jesus changed that to monogamy. :)

I’m sure you were reminded of your kids’ questions along the way. I’d really love to hear about them. :)


2 thoughts on “Has Your 1st Grader Asked You These Questions?

  1. Great questions – what a boy!

    I liked the universe question – my little girl asked a similar what – ‘Daddy – what’s after the end of the universe’. Wow.

    This week her best question to Janet was – ‘Mummy – is google just like a great big brain?’

    Have a great week.


    1. Smart girl! Isn’t it great that kids in this generation ask just about everything? We grown-ups are forced to think about things we usually take for granted. God bless their hearts and curiosity. :)


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