An Apple Cake (Or Half Of It) In Honor Of The Teachers

Last month we celebrated Teachers Day here in the Philippines.  I homeschooled my son from 2008-2009 so I can just imagine how difficult it is to be a teacher.  So to honor the teachers in my son’s school (I’ll make another post about the decision to immerse him in a classroom setup) I decided to bake and decorate a cake just for them – I would gladly make hundreds more for the other teachers I know but my budget is restricted for just one cake (whose isn’t anyway?).

As you have seen my cakes in my previous post, I lean towards 3D because I’m bad in piping figures.  Also, I wanted to go with something unique – not just something copied from pictures – and my son is very reliable when it comes to creativity, which I lack.  In my mind I was toying with the idea of making a chalkboard cake with the greeting Happy Teachers Day on it (yep, boring, and it’s not 3D at all!) but then I followed my instinct and asked my son what he has in mind.  And he said, “Like an apple. Remember, you give apples to teachers?”.  What a no-brainer! Where would I be in cake decorating without my son’s creativity?!!

Now, before you laugh at the side view of the cake (you will see that it’s just the upper half of the apple and the bottom is missing!), I’m happy to tell you that one of my son’s teachers actually recognized it to be an apple! lol! She also thanked me the other day for the cake and said she was touched by the message. But the part I liked the most is when she said “it was so yummy!”.  My heart swells with pride. What a sanguine I am!  I would be a poor soul without hearing a praise in a day!

If you’re familiar with the quote I wrote on the tray, I edited Christa McAuliffe’s and intended to put her name on the tray but I had very little space left (I still have to practice writing!!!).

If you happen to be a teacher or a teacher-mom like me who spends a good deal of the day with your kids or other people’s children, listening to and nurturing them, this cake is for you, too! May God bless you for doing an incredible mission in raising citizens of the future.  Happy teaching!


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