26 Random Things About Me

This is something I wrote  a long time ago in response to a friend’s invitation at Facebook. I’d like to know what are the 26 Random Things you could think of about yourself.  I’d be glad to read about it! :)

1. I always go beyond the budget when it comes to groceries. I can count with my fingers the number of times I was able to stick with my list. Other than that, I’m a penny pincher. And I haven’t purchased anything from ebay. If I ever would, it will be something for my business or a car booster seat for Nico to give me peace of mind whenever he rides with us in the car.

2. Right now, I’m saving up for the Rolls Royce of all mixers – Kitchen Aid (27K) and seminars from the cake lady herself for mycake decorating business.

2. Everything about me now is home-based. Homeschooling my son, working from home, and running my food business from home.

3. Whenever I’m in a romantic mood, I hear music in my head. Reggae and classics are the usual ones (my husband would tease that I’m actually 70 years old because I know almost all the love songs from the 50’s!).

4. At the end of a crazy day I dream of retiring to a 5-star hotel room with its plump pillows and crisp sheets and soft mattress and air-conditioned room when I’m stressed and painfully tired. It helps me go to sleep faster.

5. I miss running. My good old Adidas shoes are still reliable even if the reflectors have peeled off here and there but can’t use them anymore – doctor’s orders.

6. I can type 60 wpm, drive, float and dive in the water but not do butterfly or freestyle strokes, read a music score (I did study music for 4 years!), cook, bake, clean my house spotless, write, teach, make money by working in my kitchen.

7. The first cake I ever decorated was done with the help of my husband and son so it was a memorable first.

8. I want to believe that I was a chef in my previous life.

9. I still sob when I miss my mom who passed away four years ago.

10. I dream of signature bags, shoes, eyewear, iPods but can’t wrap my brain around spending for them.

11. I love Body Shop and Revlon products.

12. I love kids so a lot of people think I’m actually a teacher by profession.

13. My son is like my boyfriend. lol. He’d say things to me like I’m an A (adorable) and a composog (pretty), and many other nice things. hehehe.

14. I still can’t tell if my son looks like me or my husband. But why bother?

15. I believe that things happen for a reason. I would have met my husband when I was in college but I never did.. When we finally met we found out we had plenty of friends in common in UP which could have led us into each other in those four years that I was there – but God had plans for us and made it happen when the time was perfect for both of us.

16. My husband is my best friend. I’m confident that our son will be, too, when he’s grown up.

19. I hope my husband wins the lotto someday so he could buy his dream home at Portofino and go to Europe. :)

20. If I were a multi-millionaire, the first thing I would do is put up a school for underpriviledged women – mothers specifically so that they will be empowered and have more choices in life. And it would be dedicated to my mom.

21. I wish my sibs, dad and I could travel together once more. One of my sibs is in Australia on a contract, dad is getting really old, so it’s almost impossible to pull off and time is of the essence.

22. The first two countries I would want to visit are Hawaii and California to visit my aunties and uncles from both my parents’ lines.

23. I’m obssessed with Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts. Nothing beats it.

24. One of my life-long legacies would be to publish the genealogy of both my parents’ lines that I’ve been working on for years now.

25. I actually researched on pregnancy and parenting when I was still pregnant and followed expert advise to the dot. I still do now and it keeps me sane.


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