Cake decorating expo in Manila!

I found out about this exciting event a week before it was held. I was thrilled because Heny Sison will be lecturing and I’m such a fan! But I could only get in if I won the essay contest.  I submitted my entry and got my ticket!

It was held at the SMX Convention Center.  That place is huge! Anyway,  I loved that the Expo had a playground where kids (accompanied by their dads or lolas) could exhaust their energy while the moms toured the booths and learned cake decorating techniques.  This allowed me to roam free and get the best out of the exhibits.

Vietnamese chef Long wowed the audience as he piped one figure after another in amazing speed and accuracy – a puppy, a dragon, or Santa Claus on his sleigh!  Enthusiasts also got hands-on training on how to pipe a rose, which is by far the most intimidating skill for beginners. Whipping cream used in all cake decorating during the event was sponsored by Avocet.  That was a LOT of whipped cream!

The experience was worth the trip to Manila and I look forward to attending the 2nd expo next year.

Nico and the Giant Cake
"Mars" on chiffon cake by Nico
Figure-piped dragon using whipped cream
Figure-piped puppy
My FIRST piped rose. I was so proud!
Marshmallow-covered tiered cake
Different Lambeth decorations - this requires piping royal icing in several layers to build up height.

I have about a hundred pictures more but they’re all different cake decorations for weddings and birthdays.  They’ll come in handy when looking for designs. Send me your email address if you would like a copy. Enjoy!


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